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Copyright Policy

Photography and Copyright – General Legal Background

The Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) protects a range of materials including photographs. A photograph is protected automatically from the moment it is taken. 

There is no need to register for copyright protection in Australia, nor does an owner of copyright in a photograph need to give notice of a claim of copyright. The symbol © is the notification used when claims of copyright are made, as well as the name of the owner and the year the phot was taken, but there is no formal requirement to do so in order to claim copyright.

Property Photography and Copyright

When a photographer is engaged to photograph a home for sale, unless an agreement is signed transferring ownership of the work to someone else, the photographer retains ownership of the images and the seller obtains a licensed right to use those images for that sale transactions alone.

Content and Copy

All content and copy produced and published by Moreton Bay Realty remains under the ownership of Moreton Bay Realty for the explicit and sole use by Moreton Bay Realty and may not be copied or reproduced by any other party. This includes all copy, text and resources prepared for web, print and other digital and hard copy materials.

Our Policy

In line with the legal position outlined above in relation to Copyright of Photography and general Copyright law, Moreton Bay Realty retain ownership of all images, video footage and motion pictures taken and all content, copy and general resource materials produced as part of the listing and marketing process. No images, footage, motion pictures, content, copy or general resources may be reused or reproduced by any other party without express written consent by both Moreton Bay Realty and the original Copyright holder. Reproduction or reuse of any images, footage, motion pictures, content, copy or general resources by any other party without explicit written consent is expressly forbidden end considered breach of Copyright Laws and will be addressed as such.

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